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(last updated 2.15.23)

BREAKING NEWS: Medi-Cal Coverage Protections to END on March 31, 2023. 

Do you or a family member currently have health coverage through Medi-Cal? If so, you will soon need to take steps to keep your coverage. During the COVID-19 emergency, Medi-Cal enrollees were protected from losing their coverage (except for a few exceptions, such as moving out of state). This Medi-Cal protection ends on March 31, 2023

Starting April 2023, Medi-Cal coverage will need to be renewed at some point in the next year (renewals are usually due in the month you enrolled in Medi-Cal).  

Renew your Medi-Cal coverage and report changes by:

  • setting up an account online (visit KeepMedi-Calcoverage.org) or
  • contacting your county Medi-Cal office, by mail, phone, or in person. To find your county Medi-Cal office, visit dhcs.ca.gov/COL or call (800) 541-5555.


The Children’s Partnership and our partners at the CA-Protecting Immigrant Families (CA-PIF) Coalition created a community-friendly Public Charge Roadmap for community members to better understand Public Charge, when it applies and when it doesn’t. Use our roadmap to find out if you would be affected by public charge and share this resource with your community!

Download the Roadmap in English

Dental Health Education Packets

Our partner Smile, California has three Children’s Dental Health Education Packages which were made for children of various ages and include a variety of educational activities for them to complete. The packages also include lesson guides for educators. 

Download the K – 1st grade Education PackageDownload the 2nd – 3rd grade Education PackageDownload the 4th – 5th grade Education Package